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Corfe Bears Newsletter 22nd May 2020

well… a day late!!

I see that some of you missed my daily newsletter yesterday, so sorry about that. We received a very big delivery on Wednesday, with lots of pre-orders to contact and send out, so we had to concentrate on that, as I don’t like to keep people waiting for their bears…. so it was all in a good cause.

We still haven’t finished contacting everyone yet, despite literally working round the clock, so please bear with us, we haven’t forgotten you and will be in touch soon.

We also have a lot of other things to do, so need to catch up with that too, so here’s your newsletter for today, as we didn’t want to miss another day.

Helen, from Dunblane has just received Roulade and says:-

“First of all, I want to thank you for your daily emails. I’m on the shielded list and have not been out of the house since 14th March, so I get comfort from the communication. Now to the best part, as I received Roulade today and I really cannot believe how quickly he got here. Once again, it’s a very big THANK YOU for your much valued service. I’m not very good with modern technology, but I’m going to try and send a photo.”

Well, Helen did manage to send one and here he is………

She says “Just love him xxxxx”

Roulade is so popular, that we have sold out all the ones we had in stock already, but don’t panic….. we have more to come, so you can pre-order him HERE.


Liz, from Sutton Coldfield says:-
“Well, I say thumbs up and thanks to you all for keeping our adorable, lovable and just cannot do without “bears” very much in the forefront of our minds……. very welcome emails, as they are a desperately needed change from the gardening and housework, as my kids, like birds, have flown the nest!!
So Cheers and and thank you…
Georgina, from Wigtownshire sent us this email on Wednesday at 12:22pm:-
“Hi loving these news letters from yourself, keeping everyone going. Thought I would send you a pic of some of my pandas, Karl is waiting for his girlfriend Kelly, which I ordered yesterday for my birthday
He is waiting”
Then, 15 minutes later, we received another email:-

“Hi - update: ordered yesterday “wow” just came today, so pleased”


KELLY IS IN STOCK NOW… if you would like one of your own

Joan, from Essex loves our newsletters…..

“Loving your regular emails - especially the tales of Shenanigans!!! Thank you for all that you are doing to keep spirits up. I hope you are all well and enjoying the weather. Looking forward to receiving Dragonfly. Take care and sending you all big bear hugs and virtual kisses

That’s it for today…. I must get back to “work” now!!!!

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Corfe Bears Newsletter 20th May 2020


We have a big delivery of Charlie Bears arriving today and are currently in the process of contacting all of the people who have placed pre-orders on these bears…. so if you haven’t heard from us already “bear” with us…. we will be in contact soon.
After fulfilling all pre-orders, we are pleased to say that the following bears are available for you to buy…. but be warned….. some quantities are very low, BUT if you have missed the one that you wanted, we have more to follow of most
(but not all)….. so first come, first served!!

This cute little mouse has taupe fur, that has lots of brown and cream tipping, but it has been shaved at her elbow changing the fur colour to taupe and this shows off her lower arms, which are bent. The lower legs have also been shaved and show her padded and stitched paws. Her chest and muzzle are caramel and this is also on the inside of her big ears. No mouse would be complete without a tail and she has a lovely long one!

Roulades can be savoury or sweet and the Charlie Bears Roulade is both….. he is savoury,as he is cheese roulade and if you take a look at him, you will see that he is very “sweet!!”

Here is another mouse…… CHIVES….. an ideal partner for ROULADE, as chives are one of the ingredients in a cheese roulade, so they go together perfectly…….

Chives is made from short-pile, blue/grey mohair fur, which is quite sparse and show the yellow backing material, giving a greenish hue. Lighter fur has been used on his muzzle and on the ends of his yellow stitched paws. He has all of the typical mouse features such as a long, tapered muzzle, small pink hand-stitched nose and mouth, tickly whiskers, small dark eyes and a long tail.

Christine, from Preston will be pleased to hear that she will be getting a new arrival soon…..
“I look forward to receiving Roulade, as he looks adorable with his lovely little face. I do have several of the mice that Charlie Bears have done, but most of them are quite small. The boys love them, but they are not as cuddly as the bears. However, they are extremely well made, with such attention to detail and it is that what attracted me to the collection in the first place.”
PRAIRIE has arrived and joins LEA & ORCHARD, so this beautiful trio of rabbits are now complete and they are all in stock now!!

PRAIRIE has light mohair fur, which is sparse in places, enabling the rich golden backing material to show. Her tummy and muzzle are made from luxurious white alpaca fur, which will be lovely to stroke and her small pink hand-stitched nose and mouth and dark eyes, with white underneath give her the cute factor. She has all the typical rabbit features, including long, floppy ears, tickly whiskers and fluffy tail.  She wears a pale pink organza bow, together with a round beaded pendant. What move can you ask for….. she has it all!


Click on their name for the full description

Another cute Minimo has also arrived………


The Minimo Pearl Grey is an adorable mouse, made from the finest grey wool on the head, arms and legs. She has a little pink hand-stitched nose and mouth, dark eyes, light grey paw pads and the little ears have got some airbrushing for definition.

And…. HOT OFF THE PRESS….. her partner JASMINE, is now re-available to pre-order!! …… which will make some of you very happy, as all were pre-ordered and we couldn’t get more…. until now. BUT….. the amount available is limited, so be quick! This may be your last chance to get the pair!


Do you want a bear that stands out from the crowd?
If yes…. then look at BERWIN…. an amazing panda, who is 34″ 86cm in size, so he will certainly be a talking point in any collection.

His eyes have the black panda markings, with white underneath & his hand-stitched nose & mouth are also black. The paw pads are sculpted & stitched & the checked neckerchief finishes him off nicely. The name Berwin means “bright friend” or “blessing” & so this sizeable bear will look great sitting on a chair or bed & it will be a blessing to have such a bright, happy chap in your hug!

There are 2 other bears of the same size, have a look at ALDWYN, who is
IN STOCK NOW and BARRET, who is available to pre-order.
Jean from Cumbria has just received GRANDFATHER OF THE MOUNTAINS, who is in stock now and is very pleased with him and she has also sent us this great photo. She says:-

“Wow he’s a handsome bear thank you so much. Totally brilliant I always know if my husband likes him he’s perfect. I showed him lots of pictures of this bear but he thought this was the one, and he doesn’t do bears. So pleased with him. Thank you so much. Looking forward to the next in this set.”

WELL…. she doesn’t have to wait any longer, as FATHER OF THE FORESThas just arrived…. BUT we only have a couple spare after fulfilling all outstanding pre-orders, so if you miss out this time, then don’t worry, we have more to come, so you can pre-order.

The third bear in the set is LORD OF THE ARCTIC - and as the name suggests, he is a polar bear!!

Available to pre-order now.

And finally….. we have received our last stock of RACHEL

Rachel has an endearing face that will pull on your heart strings. Her amber pupil eyes peep out from the long, shaggy, cream and brown fur, that has a great feathered effect and long guard hairs give a whispy look.  The light colouring of the prominent muzzle make a great contrast and shows off the bold two-tone hand-stitched nose and mouth.  She has great big feet and soft, pale stitched and sculpted paw pads, famously known as “tickly toes!” and she is finished off rather smartly, with a big organza bow.
Emma, from Slough received hers last week and sent us a photo of her, just before she went on her run….

“Arrived already!! But I’m off for my run so I’ve left her in very capable hands!

Thank you so much for such lovely speedy service :-)”

PLEASE NOTE - There won’t be a newsletter tomorrow, as we are still busy dealing with this big delivery.

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Corfe Bears Newsletter 19th May 2020

A HELPING HAND….. or is it??

Last week, I gave myself an hour off and decided to do some baking…. after all, everyone else is! Who would have thought we would hear there is a flour shortage!!

So, here we go for my first attempt at double chocolate muffins….. then I got distracted with a phone call for about 10 minutes.

Suddenly, I could hear a lot of banging and crashing coming from the kitchen and look what sight greeted me……..

(Shenanigans speaking in
red - Hayley speaking in green)


“That is my bowl….. you need a smaller cooking set!”


Puts a new perspective to the word “self raising”

For the record, Shenanigans
(and spoon) weighs 11oz!


“Whoops, the flour is on my nose!…..
I’m going to sneeze…. ATTCHOOOO!”

What an eggstravaganza!”
“Where’s my cap?”

He was sooo eggscited, he put the egg shell on his head instead…..
and look where his cap is……

“Can I lick the spoon??”


“I want mini muffins”

A bit of a mess on the tin, but he did quite well - a few were more filled up than others.

As you can see, he had a few ups and downs along the way, including the muffin sizes!!


“I’M STUFFED!!!!!”

NOT BAD FOR THE FIRST TRY….. and they were delicious, with some runny chocolate inside as well!!


While I was making my muffins, I had a little stowaway in my apron!!

Shenanigans really wants an apron of his own, but as you can see, this is too big for him!!

SO…… calling any budding seamstresses out there….. YOUR HELP IS NEEDED!!!!

Can you make a little apron for him?

He wants to do more cooking and we will feature aprons sent in future newsletters!

…. and he is now being really cheeky and pushing his luck…………….

………. He would also like a chefs hat, as he doesn’t want to get his cap dirty!

Any aprons and/or caps will be vey gratefully received and can be sent to our “Bearhouse”, as the shop is currently closed:-

BH19 1AU

P.S - If you want to make one and are isolating, so can’t get out to post it, then please call me on 01929 426827.

Shenanigans is now getting very excited…
so no pressure!!! REALLY! Ha! Ha!

Kirsteen, from Aberdeen has just recently ordered SHENANIGANS

“I have finally succumbed and pre-ordered Shenanigans, oh dear. My furry critters informed me I had to!”

If you would like one of your own, then pre-order HERE. He is a great price, at £35, especially as he is a Limited Edition bear!


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Corfe Bears Newsletter 18th May 2020


Thank you for sending in all of your lovely emails, photos and bear stories - they are all amazing!

I have been trying my best to reply to each person individually, but I am struggling to keep up with everything, therefore, if you haven’t heard from me after sending anything, then please can I say “THANK YOU” here and I will do my best to feature your comments/photos in a future newsletter. PHEW!!!

On Friday 15th, I was just about to send our newsletter at 4:55pm, which was a later time than usual and we got an email from Janet:-
“Hope everything is okay your end?…. missing your daily email today’

I replied:-
“I had a chuckle when I saw you were wondering where the newsletter was yesterday….. at least I know you must be looking forward to getting them and was feeling disappointed when one hadn’t arrived… I must be doing something right then Ha! Ha!”

Well….. we didn’t send one yesterday, as Stace and I took a few rare hours off in the afternoon and went for a lovely walk, so I ran out of time to finish it.
Here are a few photos from our walk to share with you:-

…………… and

We hope the “DOWN ON THR FARM” tractor is better than this one!!!

David & Jo had their 51st Wedding Anniversary on Friday 15th May and Jo wrote the following email to me, after she had read my daily newsletter, which featured Little Miss Muffet, Incy Wincy Spider & Shenanigans
(Look on our home page to see this if you have missed it - scroll back to the 15th - it’s quite funny!)
“Just loved this story and was still laughing about it (and thinking I must do something about my own cobwebs) when the postman knocked. Have known him for years and he is a good friend! ”Oh hello” said he “could you just take this parcel in for next door?” “Certainly” I replied and took it gingerly! As he walked away, I noticed him and “the man from the shed” winking at each other. Strange I thought! But I am sure you will know what is coming next - I noticed the parcel was addressed to us and what a lovely lovely Anniversary surprise, when my beautiful Shelby, another stowaway, jumped out of the box. I then knew a plan had been hatched by “shed man” and “post man”. Hayley, thank you and the team, as always for these wonderful surprises and you are the only “other woman” that I am pleased about after 51 years of marriage.”

I replied:-

“I am happy to be the “other woman” in your relationship…… I have only been married for 24 years in July, but after this amount of time, I don’t think Stace, my husband will be bothered or jealous…… I think he needs to take a leaf out of David’s book and start romancing me again…… before I really am “the other woman”!!!!”

Does this sound familiar to anyone?……. I am always happy to help and offer advice with any romancing prezzies! Ha! Ha!


Andrew & Elise celebrated a Wedding Anniversary on Friday 15th as well - it was their 1st… so they are only 50 years behind David & Jo!

Stace and I will reach our 24th Anniversary on 27th July… so we are nearly half way…!!!!

Elise says:-
“Thank you for including us in your latest newsletter, it was a lovely surprise, wishing us a happy Anniversary. I was also surprised to receive a new bear to our hug family - the lovely Cotton Candy, who is beautiful and so huggable. As you can see, she has met the boys, who were chilling out after all that hard work around the farm.”
COTTON CANDY is with ALDWYN (big bear), HAWKINS (on right) and BRIMBLE(top middle).


Elise continues:-
“Cotton Candy has also made great friends with Bea, our retired greyhound. Unknown to Andrew and I, the family bought us a surprise present, because we had planned a weekend away for our Anniversary. It came in the beautiful form of Marisa! We would highly recommend this gorgeous bear to any hug family, as she has the most adorable face. Marisa decided to take some notes from Brimble on life at the farm, but as you can see Hawkins has taken her to his little heart and wanted to make her feel welcome. Cotton Candy and Marisa thought they would do some baking for the boys, so we left them to it in the kitchen!! Hope you enjoy the photos.”

For further details of MARISA - CLICK HERE

Helen, from Plymouth has been sending us a lot of photos, some of which have been featured in newsletters already and we still have others waiting patiently to be included.

Therefore, we would now like to introduce you to:-


………. and so here is ‘HELEN’ with her husband ‘MARTIN’!! (Correct spelling is actually Martyn, but it’s close!)

Namesake bears are always very special bears to own, as they bring fond memories of loved ones and it’s great to have a cuddle with them.

Linda, from Birmingham tells us her moving story:-

“I thought you would like to see Bessie and Linda. I bought Bessie for my lovely Mom, Bessie for her 100th birthday in January 2019. Very sadly, she passed away in February 2020, having celebrated her 101st birthday. As my name is Linda, I keep Bessie and Linda bears together, as we have always been very close. My Mom was thrilled with her Bessie bear. She was always so excited when I was ordering another bear. Thank you for all the bears, so wonderfully packaged. It is so nice to speak to such a lovely, helpful family. I love the emails thank you again.”

Thanks for sending these lovely photos to us Linda - your Mum really doesn’t look 100 here and we are glad that you have 2 extra special bears in your hug.

BESSIE bear is now retired, but LINDA is available to pre-order.

She is from 2018 and we only have a couple left, so hurry if you want her!

Noreen, from Bedlington has recently received a new bear from us:-
“Thank you so much, Roman has arrived all tucked up. He is hilarious! Don’t ask me why I just think he has such a fun look to him. Fiona, my daughter, thinks he looks almost like a baboon, while Dave my husband a gorilla! I’m not sure what he is apart from gorgeous & soft & cuddly. Thanks again for speedy delivery.”

This is Roman….. we will leave it to you, to decide who has described him best………? Gorilla or baboon? Ha! Ha!

Noreen, as we are on the topic of namesake bears, you could have your daughter and husband …
(if not got already!)




And finally HOT OFF THE PRESS!!


Is your most wanted bear one of these?……
If yes, be quick, as there is


Isabelle SWIFT is made from a jumble of curly green mohair…. ie. one side is forest green and the other is grass green, so quite a quirky and unusual feature. His head and body are made with long-pile ivory mohair, which makes a great contrast. His muzzle has been airbrushed and shaved to show off his green hand-stitched nose and mouth and appealing eyes, that have white underneath for extra definition. You can tell he is a panda, because he has the typical teardrop markings that all pandas have and these are made with green fur.


Thaw has been hand-made with love from super silky white plush fur. His soft body is floppy and the front paws are weighted, which enables him to lie flat on your lap, so will be the perfect addition for comfort cuddles. His long muzzle has a soft black nose and hand-stitched mouth and claws. The average polar bear has a life-span of 20-30 years, but if Thaw wins your affection, then this is one that can be kept for life!


WOODEND IS NOW ONLY £39.95!!! £11 OFF!! (Was £46)

Woodend is mainly made from a really thick dark brown plush fur, that is really soft to touch and his muzzle and inner ears are mid-brown, which makes a lovely contrast. The dark hand-stitched nose and mouth stand out and his dark appealing eye are asking for a hug. The two-tone stitched paws make a great feature and the delicate crochet ruff round the neck is a lovely accessory.

Alison, from Norfolk has recently received hers and she says:-

“Thank you for your prompt service, sending Woodend to me. Lanson was so pleased to meet his brother.”


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Corfe Bears Newsletter 16th May 2020


I am glad you are all loving my daily newsletters - they do seem to be giving you a laugh. The one that I sent you called “SHENANIGANS SAVES THE DAY” seems to be the most popular one so far, judging by all of the comments you have sent.

Gill, from Devon says:-

“Thank you sooo much for all your daily emails. Enjoyed today’s, with Shenanigans saving the day for Miss Muffet - made me laugh.”

Christine, from Preston says:-

“I loved, loved your song/poem about Little Miss Muffet and Incy Wincy and Shenanigans - well done!”

If you have just started getting our emails today, or haven’t seen Shenanigans Saving The Day yet, this is the final photo in my picture/poem story and shows LITTLE MISS MUFFET & SHENANIGANS at the end of a stressful time…. and INCY WINCY SPIDER has been hidden under SHENANIGANS’ hat!!

LITTLE MISS MUFFET & INCY WINCY have been very popular and they are
IN STOCK NOW if you would like them.

Richard, from Coventry said:-

“Just wanted to say, I loved the Shenanigans Saves the Day story :) I love the little spider…. wish they sold him separately :) Thanks for brightening my day!”

My reply…..

“Well……. you could look at it this way……. INCY WINCY SPIDER can be purchased (for £69)…… and you just happen to get a ‘FREE’ LITTLE MISS MUFFET with him!! Note: all spiders purchased from us are coweb free… so no extra cleaning needed!!”

Pete & Jan, from Essex sent this great photo and email:-

“It’s not just Shenanigans that gets into mischief, I just caught Cheeky Chops sliding down the bannister watched by all his friends who were cheering him on. Enjoying your daily emails especially today’s (Shenanigans Saves the Day). Hope everyone at Corfe Bears is keeping well.”

SHENANIGANS has been arriving at lots of different homes this week!
Shirley, from Swindon loves the way Stace packs the bears:-

“Hello Hayley, Jade and Stace, Shenanigans has arrived expertly packed as always, he looked like he was in his own little cot. He has made friends with Kit and Billie , so now I have a Red nosed gang. All three of them look like they are up to mischief, I must hide the biscuits!! Stay safe, big hugs”

You can see what she means by “he looks like he was in his own little cot” in the photo sent to us by Ann in Wiltshire.

“Thanks so much for the safe delivery of Shenanigans who arrived safely one day last week, but I wasn’t allowed to open the box until today, May 13th, as its my Birthday and was a present from my husband. He reminds me of Angus Young from ACDC, who my son was an avid fan of and used to drive me up the wall, playing his music so loudly. As soon as my son saw him, he knew who he was straight away, as did my Daughter. I think I will have to keep an eye on him as he may go walk about.”

We hope you had a great day on the 13th…… I bet ‘ANGUS YOUNG’ SHENANIGANS was singing (or shouting) “Happy Birthday” as you lifted him out of the box! (Hopefully it wasn’t too deafening!)
Cath, from Buckinghamshire has been tempted with a couple of new bears recently:-

“I’m back again! Thank you very much for sending Charlie Year Bear so quickly and so beautifully packaged last week (and choosing a pretty one for me). I have been considering Willamena for a while and trying to persuade myself that I cannot afford any more bears at the moment, but a few customers in Hayley’s emails have received her and said how lovely she is, so I have crumbled! (The emails must be doing their job and getting more people to buy bears.) Keep up the good work and keep smiling!”

So, we sent WILLAMENA and then heard back from Cath:-
“Thank you so much for Willamena who arrived very quickly and beautifully packaged (as always) this morning.  She is absolutely stunning (as another customer said in her email) and even prettier “in the fur”.  I am so glad I gave in and decided to buy her.  Thank you, too, for Charlie Year Bear who arrived last week and is also very beautiful - she was pleased to welcome Willamena as she now has a big sister to play with.  I have quite a few Charlie Bears (mostly from you) and I often feel guilty about how many I own, but reading your cheerful newsletters and hearing from other collectors, some of whom definitely have more than me, makes me feel better!”

So, this is WILLAMENA, who is

WILLAMENA is paired with WILFY and Val, from East Sussex has sent us this great photo, she says:-

“As you can see Hayley, Wilfy has arrived today and couldn’t wait to get out his box.”


Both are also IN STOCK NOW

Here is another WILFY, who has just arrived and his new owner, Susan, from Scotland is very pleased with him:-

“Just want to say that Wilfy arrived safe and well today and I absolutely love him. Thank you so much, once again, for your friendly and excellent service.”

………….. and more happy WILFY owners…………

Anne, from London says:-

“Hi Hayley, Stace and Jade, just to let you know that Wilfy has just arrived here safely. Thank you sooo much, our Lucy will be thrilled with him, he is so beautiful.”

Cathie, from Stonehouse has Wilfy and Willamena:-

“We received the Handsome Wilfy on Saturday, beautifully packed with loving care, as always by the lovely bear Cubs at Corfe Bears. Willamena was so excited when she heard Wilfy had arrived, and she enjoyed the experience of helping me unpack Wilfy. She fell in love the moment she set eyes on him, well so did Wilfy, he is deeply in love.”

Anna, from Essex has received hers, but hasn’t seen him yet………

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for Dennis that arrived early today. Wow oh wow, what a bear! He really is Something very special. Wilfy arrived last week, although as he is a birthday present from my boys I am not allowed to see him yet, I just hope they don’t claim him as theirs! Really looking forward to seeing him soon. Loving the newsletter, it’s become a bear club, spreading the happiness during a difficult time.”

Do you get the feeling that these are very popular bears??

As you can see, they both come very highly recommend and they are

Anna, above has just received DENNIS, who is from 2018 - so he is now quite hard to find. You can see what he looks like in this photo sent to us from Georgina in Wigtownshire, who loves pandas.


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Corfe Bears Newsletter 15th May 2020



I have heard some news from the farm…… via the resident bears there……. it’s a special day for the farms owners, Andrew and Elise, because they are celebrating their

1st Wedding Anniversary today!!

So I am sure you will all want to join me in saying ………


I’m sure they will be pleased to see that you are all enjoying the ‘DOWN ON THE FARM’ stories…..

Sarah and Debbie, from Portsmouth say:-

“Just to say, you have really surpassed yourself with today’s ditty, together with the pictures, it’s fantastic. (referring to yesterdays newsletter, with LITTLE MISS MUFFET + INCY WINCY) We look forward to your daily updates so much, they are really keeping us smiling. All the photos are great and the Down on the Farm ones in particular are brilliant. The latest ones really had us hankering after ALDWYN…..”

…… and guess what??

…… he is now on the way to them!!

Janet, from Bath is enjoying the stories:-

“That was brilliant, I loved the story of Miss Muffet. Lots of people will miss your daily emails I’m sure, whenever this is all over. You’re doing a grand job. I also think Shenanigans deserves a medal for the most entertaining lockdown bear! So many have taken him to their hearts, including me. We view down on the Farm together and mine no longer wants to do gardening, but keep chickens and ride a tractor.”

Beverley, from Devon already has ALDWYN in her hug and thinks he is amazing. She is hoping he will keep an eye on her new arrival:-

“Shenanigans arrived today!!! What a cheeky face he has!! He is sitting on Aldwyns’ leg at the moment (with Pepper Pot, who was keeping Aldwyn company until Shenanigans arrived), but I think he is studying the hug to see who he can make mischief with!!!”

She thinks he may have a big task on his hands and we certainly agree with this!!

If you are impressed with ALDWYN and want a bear to stand out in your hug…. then he is the bear to buy and is IN STOCK NOW!!

Andrew and Elise are celebrating 1 year of marriage today, but they have a long way to go to catch up with Audrey & Malcolm, who are celebrating their

We have known their daughter Marysa since about 2013 and we have received the following email from her recently:-

“I have so loved reading the daily stories and thank you’s. I just thought I would mention my parents. After missing one of the birthday celebrations in your shop, I had to call and ask if you still had any Malcolm’s. The reason being is that’s my Dad’s name - fortunately you had one and I came and collected him. A while after, I was sent one of your emails and who should pop up, but Audrey. I immediately bought her, and why you may ask… well that’s my Mums name. The fact the Malcolm is large and Audrey is tiny made them all the more special, as as you can see, my parents are exactly like that. This photo was taken on their 60th Wedding Anniversary (Diamond) and they also have a plaque on Swanage pier. This year in September they will celebrate 65 years. So a little story about 2 of my huge collection.”
Swanage is very special to them, so let’s hope they can visit us again soon.

Do you remember the newsletter about David, who calls us from his shed to order surprise presents for his wife? Well, I published his story on the 10th May and this was their 51st Wedding Anniversary!!
I didn’t know this, so what a coincidence and great timing!!!

Jo, his wife, replied to me on the same day:-

“What a wonderful email and we are so thrilled to get the smashing picture of David in his shed. I cannot tell you what a laugh we are having!
Today is our 51st Wedding Anniversary and it feels very strange not to have our family round here helping us celebrate, but I do have my bears sitting with me on the sofa as I type this, so they are keeping me company. David is reluctant to go down to his shed today, as it is very cold and windy, BUT if you still have Dan he would like to buy him for an Anniversary present! So fingers crossed.
Thank you again for your cheerful messages.”

As you can see, bears make lovely anniversary presents and are also great for any special occasion…… or can be just a treat for yourself…… click here for our full range.

If it’s a special day for you today, like Andrew and Elise, then we hope you have a great day!!

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Corfe Bears Newsletter 14th May 2020


A little ditty for you…. written by me!!

Read or sing to the tune of “Little Miss Muffet”

Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet

eating her curds and whey.

Along came a spider, who sat down beside her

and frightened miss muffet away.

I’m constantly working and definitely not shirking,

no cleaning gets done at all.

Just look at the spider who’s climbed up behind her,

there’s cobwebs all over the wall.

Shenanigans’ here and has no fear

He’s come to save the day

So armed with a pole, a duster and bowl

He brushed all the cobwebs away!!

We then heard a crash and made a mad dash

What would be Shenanigans fate??

Look what we found, he’d crashed to the ground

and landed on top of the plate!!

Over we hurried, really quite worried

Is our poor bear okay?

Well he’s made a new friend, so fine in the end

And the spider is hidden away.

Hopefully this made you chuckle a bit (or groan!) Ha! Ha!
Nina from Wiltshire has sent us this email and photo, she says:-

“Hello to all you amazing people. So look forward to your regular emails with stories and pictures. I am sending you a percentage of my collection, mainly Charlie Bears. My son who is with me whilst on lockdown, has taken over the ‘bear room’ to practice his Kung Fu. Thank you for keeping our spirits up.”

Amongst all those bears, I can spy a spider……..
with “you know who” beside her…… can you??
Stuart from Nottingham is another happy SHENANIGANS owner:-

“Shenanigans has arrived safe and sound. I think every home should have one.
Amazing customer service as ever. Your emails are always excellent but today’s (9/05/2020) was the best so far. Stay safe.”

I couldn’t agree with Stuart more, when referring to Shenanigans, “every home should have one”. Unsurprisingly, this cheeky chappie has been very popular, so if you want one of your own, then you can pre-order him here. He is a Limited Edition bear and Charlie Bears have sold out, so we can’t order more, therefore pre-order now while you still can and you will then be guaranteed to get one.

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Corfe Bears Newsletter 13th May 2020



We have customers all over the world and so we wanted to show you some of their photos and bear stories:-


Helen from Plymouth sent us this very patriotic photo of
her bears in the window and says:-

“Today the Bears are on parade to celebrate VE Day 75. Jubilee Bear was chosen as the flag bearer and is being flanked by Biggles and Pilot Pete. The other 3 decided as they were technically red, white and blue they should be allowed as well. Have a good day everyone and stay safe.
Karla, from Dover hopes to visit us in the shop one day:-

“Thank you for your daily emails, they are so uplifting and make us feel part of a community even though we are all apart. I pre-order my bears through you, I can’t afford as many as some can, but I treasure every one. My daughter and I are hoping to travel from our home town in Dover to visit you in person one day when this is all over. Thank you so much for bringing so many of us
together at this difficult time.”


“Hello From Ottawa Illinois! It all started 3 years ago when my daughter Stephanie Elaine, who is Autistic, found Jack (Acre Rabbit) from Corfe Bears. He made his trip all the way across the ocean. By the time he arrived here for her, he was very hungry for some carrots! My daughter, who had suffered some traumatic experiences, came to live with me and my husband, with ptsd and a lot of fear. Jack comforted her in a time when little else did. So she started her collection because of her love for Jack the bunny. Bears and bunny’s are her favorites! They all have special names that she has given them. She will come to me and say, mommie guess what Jack said to Cranston Bear! Just precious! They have brought joy to us all, especially my daughter. Her smiles are the greatest gift sent to us from God, through a little rabbit named Jack.”
This just goes to show what the magic of bears and bunnies can do!! We can also spot PEAR DROP and MILA rabbits (pink + white in the front row), which we sent to Stephanie in March. Both are in stock now if you like the look of them.

Stephanie sent a further email:

“Jack wasn’t sure about getting his picture taken with the group, but he decided he was brave enough and wanted to be with his other friends for the picture!”

You’re not seeing double… she loved him so much that they bought 2!!

We featured a rainbow of bears in our newsletter recently, but as Stephanie loves rabbits, we thought that we would create a rainbow of
Jellycat rabbits for her!
Available in two sizes - £12.99 / £17.99 - so great value!

Jellycat cuddly toys are quirky, soft and full of character!

The brand of soft toys was established in London in 1999 and has gone from strength to strength creating fun teddy bears and animals that appeal to all.

Jellycat toys are always fun and cute - they’re made from the softest, silkiest plush furs available, and there’s something to suit all tastes and pockets.

Jellycat toys are suitable for all ages - most from birth, & they’ll be loved by anyone! They are all fully tested & compliant with European Safety Directive EN71.


Susan, from Stableford loved our rainbow yesterday and says:-

“Thank you for the lovely rainbow, a little sense of reality in this crazy world.
Thank you, from all my bears and me.”

Another Susan, from Hampshire was inspired to buy a bear that we featured in our bear rainbow…..

“I’ve just been reading your email newsletter for today (really enjoy them by the way) and have been tempted to preorder Logan. He is lovely and I didn’t get that feeling before seeing him alongside all the other rainbow bears. He looked at me and made a connection. It’s really strange, as that didn’t happen the first time I saw him; maybe it’s because I look at things much differently during this troubled time and am taking more time to appreciate the things around me. Anyway, I was hooked from the minute I saw him yesterday. You’re all doing a fantastic job at Corfe Bears and it’s much appreciated.”

If you would like to see who tempted Susan to place a pre-order…..


Talking of rabbits, we have another happy customer, Carole from Surrey:-

“Just to say, I received Orchard yesterday, safely and beautifully packed
and she is lovely! - Thank you


She has ginger mohair fur, which is sparse in places. Her tummy and muzzle are made from luxurious white alpaca fur, which will be lovely to stroke and her small pink hand-stitched nose and mouth and dark eyes, with white underneath, give her the cute factor. She has all the typical rabbit features, including long, floppy ears, tickly whiskers and fluffy tail.  She wears a pretty organza bow, together with a round beaded pendant. What move can you ask for….. she has it all!

The two other rabbits in this collection are:-



I think I have rabbited on for long enough now, so…………

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Corfe Bears Newsletter 12th May 2020


Here is the story so far…..
Andrew and Elise live on a farm in Scotland. They purchased HAWKINS and they sent me photos of him helping on the farm, which were featured in one of our newsletters and they said they were going to choose another bear to join them. I said his mate BRIMBLE could be a great help too and that we had already trained him…. well…. they thought this was a good idea and as they are really busy, another bear hand (worker) was ordered as well, who arrived just before BRIMBLE…. so read on for the latest news on the farm.
“Andrew and I thought you would like a wee update on life at the farm. Hawkins and Aldwyn were so delighted when Brimble arrived that they decided to have a party to celebrate them all being reunited.”
“The Bears then decided to get down to some work. Clever Aldwyn has learned to ride the  farm Quad bike and decided to take a check on the fields. You will see he is safety conscious wearing his safety helmet. Great friends Hawkins and Brimble decided to try their paws at some gardening. Andrew gave them some plants to pot up. They have done such a good job that one of the hens decided to check out their work! They are having a fab time on the farm. Thank you so much for the safe and speedy delivery of Aldwyn and Brimble and training them up to be such hard workers. Hope you enjoy the pictures and everyone at Corfe Bears stays safe.”
If you need a helping hand at home or with your work, then ALDWYNBRIMBLEand HAWKINS could be the perfect choice…. as you can see above, they come with great references and are multi-skilled, so can turn their paws to anything! Note - stocks are currently low, as willing hard workers can be hard to find, so they are in great demand…. DON’T MISS OUT!!


Aldwyn has a great reference - he is currently working for Beverley as a Team leader, in charge of her hug!
“Aldwyn arrived this morning and he is amazing!!!! When I lifted him out of the box, myself,my husband and daughter all just said “wow!!!’ He is such a big beautiful bear, we all love him. I am sure he will be able to control the hug, although I think he looks like a big softy, so he will sit and watch them being naughty.!!!!!
Thank you all so much, he has really brightened our day and will continue to do so as they all do.”
If you have just started getting our daily newsletters, let me introduce you to SHENANIGANS - our resident little cheeky chappie, who gets up to a lot of mischief…. especially if he is left on his own! We have been following all of his antics and Janet from Bath has sent us an update on her little rascal - she has realised he needs someone to keep an eye on him…..

“Shenanigans was so excited to see that we were mentioned in one of your daily letters. We do enjoy reading them. He really is a scamp and often mislays his hat.! With lots of bear companions to choose from he has been firmly taken in paw by one of the more senior bears and learning about gardening.”
Nina, from Wiltshire is having trouble with her SHENANIGANS.
“Thank you Stacey for sending Shenanigans so beautifully packaged as always.
He is in a mood at the moment, he refuses to keep his hat on. I suspect he is actually showing off to his new companions.
I might have to isolate him for a short while!”
Gillian, from Devon has recently added 2 new additions to her hug:-
“Thank you so much, I have received SHENANIGANS and PILOT PETE today. They are such cute little characters and such adorable additions to my ever growing collection of bears.”

PILOT PETE is trying to see if he can get me to open my birthday box of chocolates (haha).”

“Here is SHENANIGANS trying to help me write this email - he really is a cheeky, loveable little chap.”

Well….. that is what Gillian thinks he is doing…. BUT he is actually having a secret Skype session with Janets Shenanigans in Bath (mentioned earlier doing the gardening!) and now thinking about what he wants to do next…. so he has a word with Gillian…. she says “he tells me he wishes it should stop raining, as he really wants to get out in the garden (up to mischief)”.

will it be chaos outside???

ARE YOU BRAVE?? …. I dare you to buy a SHENANIGANS of your own…..
go on…. you will probably have a great laugh and you can’t put a price on happiness, can you?? Well… actually I can… he is £35!! Ha! Ha! Well worth it!


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Corfe Bears Newsletter 11th May 2020

Red and yellow and pink and green,
Purple and orange and blue,
I can sing a
Sing a
Sing a
rainbow too.”
Nicki, from Hampshire sent us this gorgeous rainbow of bears and says:-

“Thank you for your lovely daily emails, it is lovely to see what all the bears have been up to around the country and to feel a part of the Corfe Bear family. Since the start of lockdown, I have chosen a bear each day and he or she has had lots of extra cuddles and joined me on the sofa in the evening! They have had their photo taken, which I have shared with family and friends, to mark each day of lockdown. Over the past week I have chosen bears in the colours of the rainbow, all colours have been covered, so we now have a completed bear rainbow! (Many of the bears have come from yourselves) Hope you enjoy the photos of the rainbow, they actually stayed in the middle of my living room all day, as every time I caught sight of them they really did make me smile.Take care, stay safe and keep sharing the love of bears to all your lovely customers. We can’t always hug a human right now, but our bears are there to get us through!”

We couldn’t agree with Nicki more - bears really do help us in many ways and a hug or cuddle with them works like magic!

Well….Charlie Bears can sing a rainbow too, as the following bears will show you:

See below the bears in the rainbow:
(Top to bottom, left to right - as featured)
All of the colourful rainbow bears above are either in stock now or available to
pre-order… so you could have fun creating your own rainbow, just like Nicki.

The pictures of rainbows in the windows are helping to cheer people up and bears in the window are are doing the same…. so can you double up and create arainbow of bears in your window??


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