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Ellie Bears

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Ellie Bears is one of the latest additions to our collection of skilled and varied Teddy Bear Artists. Like most creators of teddy bears there is a tale behind how this artist began designing and making one of a kind bears and animals and Ellie Covell's story is a particularly interesting one...

First, cast your mind back to Rod Hull and Emu the ostrich. Back (a few years!) when everybody loved Emu Ellie saw an advert for a hand-made emu, promptly ordered one and was very disappointed with the item that she received. Being pretty handy with a sewing needle herself, she made an emu of her own - and was very happy with the result. When Emu went to work with Ellie he was a hit and suddenly she had orders for her own ostriches!

Emu eventually caused Ellie to leave her part-time job, as she was making so many various animals that she didn't have time for it any more. Then came a big order from the Greyhound Racing Association for the hares that lead the races at all of the greyhound racing tracks. Ellie made hundreds of hares that went to tracks all over the UK.

On one occasion when buying fur for more hares, Ellie also purchased a teddy bear making kit - and that was it, she was hooked on making traditional, jointed teddy bears and eventually had to pass on the hare-making to her daughter-in-law so that she could pursue teddy bear design and creation full-time.

Ellie has been making 'Ellie Bears' for over 16 years now. They are all limited editions of no more than ten. Ellie uses both German and English mohair, depending on what the bear calls for. The pads are made from real suede and each bear has an 'E' for Ellie Bears embroidered on one of their feet. They are stuffed with a careful mixture of polyester filling, plastic pellets and steel shot to give the perfect combination of squashiness, scrunchiness and a good weight. The teddy bears are made with traditional, high quality wooden joints.

We think that Ellie Bears are irresistible - they have such expressive faces and they are made with extraordinaray attention to detail. We are particularly fond of the very contemporary Alex Meerkat in his velvet smoking jacket and cravat, and Twinkles with his gorgeous warm honey and dark brown fur, huge feet and an imploring expression. Some of our new collection from Ellie Bears have actually been adopted before they had appeared on the website for more than a day, which is a suitable reflection on Ellie's fantastic designs!

Ellie Bears - Latest additions
BETH 43CM £164.95 CHUTNEY 36CM £109.95 RALPH 26CM £74.95
TILLY 46CM £164.95 WIGGINS 36CM £99.95 ASHLYN 28CM £84.95
HONEY 30CM £84.95 PETUNIA £164.95 SPANGLES 28CM £84.95
GEORGIE 18" £144.00 GRANVIL 12" £84.95 TOBIAS 18" £99.00
TOBY 10" £112.00 ARCHIBOLD 12" £89.95 BARLEY £114.95
DOUGIE £89.95 FLEUR 14" £104.95 GANDORF 17" £114.95
KATIE £154.95 PATIENCE 11" £84.95 PENNY 11" £84.95
SNUGGLES 9" £89.95 TIMOTHY 14" £104.95 CLARENCE 17" £149.95
HUGGY BEAR 13" £124.95 HARLEY 14" £104.95 HARRIOT 14" £104.95
BORIS 14" £119.00 CHUCKLE 9" £81.00 DEXTER 16" £139.00
GIZZY 10" £75.95 HESTER 13" £109.00 JESS £0.00
JET 10" £69.00 JONATHAN 12" £85.95 MELROSE 12" £87.95
NELLY 9" £79.95 NIPPER 10" £99.95 ROGER 11" £85.95
RUSTY 10" £75.95 TITCH 8" £54.95 WALNUT 10" £75.95
PEBBLE 10" £79.95 TOFFEE 10" £79.95 SETH 14" £109.95
BOOGEY 14½" £109.95 WOODY 14½" £109.95 BOO 11" £60.00
JETHRO 16" £119.00 RAFFATY 13" £79.00 LADDIE 9½" £81.00
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