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Corfe Bears Newsletter 6th May 2020



Bears are loved by people all over the world
and here are some of our customers hugs:-


“Curio arrived safe today! He is gorgeous….I must admit he was not on my list when the 2020 collection was presented,
…..I am normally more fan of the fluffy, more longhaired ones.
But he has that special antique look. I am collecting bears for many years, but CB quite shortly (summer 2019), and I thought Curio would fit perfectly with my antique bears and toys, which I also collect.
Thanks and bear hugs from the Netherlands, Afelien”


“Flamenco just arrived. She is wonderful and glad to be in her new home in France. She is easing into the hug by getting to know Rumples. He lives in the chair, but she will probably move somewhere else. As you can see from the photos of some of the other bears who live here, Flamenco will not be lonely. It’s always nice to have a new bear. I especially love the red ones! Take care and stay safe.”


A message from another happy customer in France.
“Thank you very much Hayley, I’m thrilled to have been able to get this beautiful Helter Skelter! I look forward to receiving your email with the payment link. Thank you very much for the one-time shipping cost, it’s a nice business gesture. I will send you a picture of the 3 boys as soon as they arrive in France (after a short 2-day stay in the containment room waiting for them).
I wish you a lot of courage and above all be careful.
Friendly, Catherine”


“I just have to say thank you again for the daily newsletters!! You have great ideas and you always cheer me up, so do all the photos from your customers. So I thought I might add one too. Willamena, Gallivant and Wilfy got a little bored over the weekend so I thought a little vacation from their room (filled up with hundreds of bears) might be a good idea. So they travelled to my living room and they had a wonderful learning experience with Native Americans from the 19th century, dressed up and willing to tell them how it was back then, all the difficulties they had to face. So I think they got the point - they just can sit and relax and don’t have to take care of anything - besides the cuddling. And I let them wear some of my Native American jewellery, which they loved - I hope I get it back some day :-D So I hope you enjoy these pictures too and I can put a smile on your face.”
If you love the look of WILFYWILLAMENA, they are both IN STOCK NOW…. minus the jewellery!!

(and Willamena comes with a FREE GIFT WORTH £25!! - Click here for details, but it’s not jewellery…. Ha! Ha!)


In a recent newsletter we featured HAWKINS working hard on the farm and the farm owners, Elise and Andrew sent us this email afterwards.

“So glad you like the photos, we just thought it might bring a smile to people’s faces during these difficult times. You are doing an amazing job and reaching out to people world wide, which is fantastic. We are currently contemplating which bear to buy next, we have a shortlist!
Thanks again and hope you and everyone at Corfe Bears stay safe”

…….. WELL …….. they have already chosen their new bear hands (workers) and they are on the way to the farm now…….. so watch this space to see how they are getting on……..

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