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Corfe Bears Newsletter 30th May 2020


We have lots of bears and animals that are due to arrive between now and Christmas, so you can pre-order them now, giving you time to save up for them. I write all of the detailed descriptions for each bear and on this, you will also see the anticipated time of arrival within the year - shown as QUARTER 1, 2, 3 or 4



Kirsteen, from Aberdeen has just received 3 new bears, one of which is LOLLYGAG. She said:-
“Just to let you know that the bears have just arrived. I took Lollygag out, gave him a snuggle, sat him on my bed and he promptly fell over and started snoring! He then decided that he needed to get his photo taken in the sun. It was too hot for him though - not something I would expect to say in Aberdeen in May! Sadly, he didn’t do any weeding for me. I will have to work on this. I hope Shenanigans is behaving and not making a mess in the kitchen - he looks even cuter in his apron and chefs hat.”

I can report that the Corfe Shenanigans is currently on his best behaviour, as he needs to stay in my good books, because he is desperate to do some baking, wearing his new apron and hat…. so watch this space. I need to get my work up straight first and then we can have a baking session!!

Serena, from Nottinghamshire also loves her Lollygag:-

“Lollygag has arrived safely. Wasn’t sure whether or not I would take to him with his claws but OMG you have sent me the most perfect one, his face is amazing Thank you so much”

Lollygag has also travelled to his new home in Germany. Uta says:-

“When I woke up this morning my first thought was, this would be a perfect day for a new bear.  And what happened? At noon I found a parcel at my door, I immediately opened it and there was LOLLYGAG!!! What a marvellous bear, wonderful fur, and these large claws! In no time at all he was digging in my flower pot and made a mess, see for yourself. But I can’t be angry with him, not with this look he gives you. Thank you for wrapping him up so carefully, and sending him here so fast. Thank you again for all the wonderful daily mails! I appreciate that so much.”


We now have 1 RICHARD IN STOCK

Be quick if you would like him!!!


We would like to say a “BIG THANK YOU” to all of the wonderful people who are full or part-time carers. You provide amazing support and help to your relation/friend, etc and they wouldn’t be able to manage without you!

My Dad had MS for 30 years and so my Mum and I know only too well all of the work included, which is very tiring and stressful! My Dad sadly passed away 20 years ago, just before my daughter, Jade was born. Jade is in the picture, with Mum…. spot me in the top corner!!! My Mum was a tower of strength for him and nothing was too much trouble. She nearly always had a smile and hardly ever moaned, but we know that things can get on top of you sometimes and you just need a short break or a hug to be able to carry on. My Dad, like others, would sometimes take his pain and frustration out on my Mum, so sometimes it seemed that she wasn’t being appreciated, which can be hard to take when you are tired, but believe me, my Dad or your relation does appreciate everything you do… so please carry on with your good work….. you are all saints!!

Carrie sent us this email:-

“Thank you for all your wonderful emails. Unfortunately I have no way of sending you photos, but decided to count my bears yesterday… or try to count them. I couldn’t believe it, I have over 200 and that doesn’t include Skyfall or the 4 Muskateers and all my little bears! I am my husbands carer and my bear family helps to keep me sane.”

Bears really do provide comfort for people in a lot of different ways and so this is why we love selling bears and being involved with them, as it is more than “just a sale” to us, as we know they help a lot of people, which is wonderful!!!

So on that note, I will say bye for now…….

Happy Browsing!!


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