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Corfe Bears Newsletter 2nd June 2020


Here is an opportunity to own a Charlie Bear from several years ago, so if there is a bear that you regretted not getting at the time, or if you are a relatively new collector, then the following bears could be of interest to you.

However…. be warned…. we only have 1 or 2 of some, so order quickly as these bears will not be around for long and will probably be your last chance of getting them - we certainly didn’t think that we would be able to offer them to you again, so are glad that we can.

BYGONE BARGAINS - Almost 1/2 price!!
ALL ARE NOW £32.95 - SO HAVE £25 OFF!!
They could make great gifts! (I don’t want to say buy early for xmas haha!!)
TAGGLE - FROM 2018 Was £58 NOW £32.95Taggle has a cuddly coat of really soft fur that is in a patchwork of complemetary colours, including mottled grey, grey, pale blue and pink and cream. They have a two-tone, hand-stitched nose and Taggles face looks slightly wistful, with big panda markings and white felt under the eyes, giving extra expression. The pads are sculpted and stitched and the look is completed with an organza bow, secured with a key.



Was £58 NOW £32.95

Griswald is a large, traditional looking bear with a difference - he has a growler! His plush curly fur is red/brown and he has stitched paws and a hand-stitched nose.

Was £58 NOW £32.95

Margot is a fairly large traditional looking bear, with white plush, curly fur. She has a hand-stitched nose and claws and doesn’t have any visible accessory, as often the simple things in life are the best.
However, she won’t take any nonsense from other bears because she has a growler, so can keep them in order - especially if they try and eat her dinner!

All of the following bears are still at their original RRP!!!!


Tasty Hob Nob teddy bear will stand un-aided and has a soft, cuddly coat of biscuity beige and brown, with a conker brown, hand-stitched nose and matching scarf. He has a cute face and a round tummy - the perfect friend!

We also have 1 CHINWAG
click on his name for details


The Charlie Bears Secret Collection is only available to a few selected stockists, so the bears here are not launched in the general range for the year.

Macaroon is a really eye-catching bear and will stand out in your collection. He has patches of teal and white fur on his arms, legs and ears and the body is white with teal tipping. His dark eyes stand out from his white muzzle and the teal hand-stitched nose also has some light stitching. The paw pads are sculpted and he proudly wears a big white organza bow - so if you want an unusual bear, with lovely colouring, then Macaroon could be the perfect bear for you.

Her fur is really thick and dense and is a mix of winter white and charcoal, which also has a lot of white tipping. She has the typical panda teardrop markings, which show off her soulful eyes, that have white underneath, to give extra expression and she has a big, bold hand-stitched nose and mouth. Her big fluffy feet have sculpted and stitched pads and she is accessorised with a bow, that sits on top of a fluffy bib. The neutral colouring of this soft and cuddly panda will fit into any home or collection.


ONLY £32

Great presents!!!

We only have a handful of AYLA

ONLY 1 of the following:- TATUMAUDREY


The fur on his arms, legs and head is mainly grey, forest green, white and black and this gives a striped effect, which is quite striking. He has soft white fur on his tummy and muzzle, making the dark eyes and hand-stitched nose stand out.
The dark paw pads are sculpted and stitched and he wears a bell collar.

BESSIE is a medium/large bear, with a thick, short-pile coat in pale peach, with some winter white mottling. Her innner ears are winter white and so is the muzzle, which shows off the peach hand-stitched nose and tiny dark eyes. If you look carefully, you will see that she also has a tuft of winter white fur around her neck as well and wears a large bell pendant.

Stuart from Nottingham received DENNY
recently and we have been lucky to get 1 more!
“Wow, 24 and 26 minutes and Denny has arrived. An amazing bear
(face is so sweet) think I may have lost him to my daughter. You are doing a fantastic job in these uncertain times and keeping us all smiling with newsletters etc, will be back soon with you soon.”

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