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Corfe Bears Newsletter 27th May 2020


PHEW!! It has been very busy here and so we didn’t get chance to send you a newsletter yesterday….. I was very torn, as I know how you are all loving them, but there just weren’t enough hours in the day and so I made the hard decision that work had to come first!

The newsletter on Monday was called “SHOPPING CONFUSION” (with Cotton Candy & Soda Pop) and I seem to be going more and more mad by the minute, so I sometimes wonder if people will understand what I mean and get my weird sense of humour.

Well… you did seem to like and understand it, judging by the comments that I received, so that’s good!

Here are a few of them:-

Christine, from Preston says: “Your ‘Shopping Confusion’ is hilarious - well done, you are a very talented lady. And so are your bears!! I do so admire how you compile your daily newsletter bringing people with a love of bears together in these extraordinary times and I really hope your company continues to thrive and one day I can come and visit you in your lovely shop.”
Susan, from Flintshire says: “Another brilliant anecdote from you, it certainly keeps a smile on the faces of all those who are isolated, keep up the good work xx”
Nina, from Wiltshire says: “Loved your update, I can’t stop smiling. Thank you and look after each other.”
We would like to say “Happy belated Birthday” to Kirsteen, from Aberdeen, who’s birthday was yesterday. She said she loved ‘Shopping Confusion’ and thought that Shenanigans must have been helping them!! Then she went on to say… “I dread what to think what Shenanigans gets up to, once he has his apron, etc. There will be no stopping him. You’ll need to keep a close eye on him!”

If you have been following our newsletters for a while, you will know what she means, but if you haven’t, SHENANIGANS is our resident bear, who is a real cheeky chappie, who gets up to a lot of mischief. He did some baking recently and here is a reminder.

Well, he was really desperate for an apron and perhaps a chefs hat, so I asked if anyone would like to make one for him.

WELL… GUESS WHAT??… his wish came true and all will be revealed soon…

Another little package has arrived for him today, but it is at our Bearhouse, where Stace sends all of the bears out, so Shenanigans has got to wait to see this one later.

Do you recognise your writing? …. a special thanks will be on their way to you soon.

If you are already making an apron and/or hat or thinking of making one, please still do it, as all aprons will be worn in future baking sessions and will be featured in the newsletter!

Please send to:-
C/O Shenanigans
BH19 1AU

Talking of pandemonium, there really will be panda MONIUM now, as a very popular panda called MONIUM has been re-released in a smaller size, called ANNIVERSARY MONIUM and we also have ANNIVERSARY SHADES, which is a smaller version of SHADES, from 2010. These were made for Charlie Bear signing events, that were due to take place in 2020, but these have had to be cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic.
They are both £65 and are 30cm in size.
IMPORTANT, PLEASE NOTE: We only have a VERY SMALL AMOUNT of these, so please order online and it will be first come, first served. If you try and phone or email us, it could be too late, so online orders will be better for you. As soon as they sell out, we will move them to our retired section, as at this stage, we are not able to get more and are not putting people onto a reserve list. Therefore, we would politely ask that if you have missed out on them, please do not contact us to go on a reserve list or ask when we are getting more, etc. Thank you.
Claire, from Sheffield has just received her Anniversary Shades and says he has arrived safe and well, but isn’t happy at the moment and not impressed, as Claire has asked him to help with her study session on AAT Management.
His expression says it all, as he seems to be baffled and wonders how he is expected to work out “first in, first out” (FIFO) or other calculations, such as “how much contribution per unit?” Are you baffled as well??….. you’re probably not the only one!! Claire will have to take a break from her studies and join the bears in a play session, as I think Anniversary Shades will prefer that!!

And finally….. Jacquie, from Kent was waiting for her new Charlie Bear PILOT PETE to arrive. Here is an image from him, so you can now picture the scene, as she tells her story…..

“Dear All, l don’t know about shopping confusions! But we were a little confused at the arrival of Pilot Pete. He was expected, but not quite in the way he arrived. Enjoying a cuppa one afternoon we heard the sounds of a helicopter flying over and a few seconds later a beary “tally ho!” was heard and something flew past the window and landed on the lawn (just missing the magnolia tree). Charlie Bears Dick and Heather were taking an afternoon stroll and rushed over and found Pete laying on his back with his parachute over his face. It turned out that Pete, before he left either your depot or the post office, had heard that a couple of his mates in the air ambulance were flying over this way, so he pulled in a favour and got them to drop him off. After a brush down and a sticky bun to revive him he was fine and would like to apologise to Stace after making him so comfortable for his journey only to leave a broken open box behind with no word where he had gone! So thank you everyone and he has been telling all the other bears of his piloting exploits. Keep up the good work, l know all the bears love you and l am looking forward to receiving Dave when he arrives. Stay safe.”
Well, this certainly was a delivery with a difference!! I am glad by bears (and my imagination) are not alone in doing crazy things… so all of you mad bear lovers out there… get your thinking cap on and plan some crazy adventures with your bears!!


Click HERE to buy!! Hopefully he will arrive at your home in a more dignified manner!!


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