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Corfe Bears Newsletter 20th May 2020


We have a big delivery of Charlie Bears arriving today and are currently in the process of contacting all of the people who have placed pre-orders on these bears…. so if you haven’t heard from us already “bear” with us…. we will be in contact soon.
After fulfilling all pre-orders, we are pleased to say that the following bears are available for you to buy…. but be warned….. some quantities are very low, BUT if you have missed the one that you wanted, we have more to follow of most
(but not all)….. so first come, first served!!

This cute little mouse has taupe fur, that has lots of brown and cream tipping, but it has been shaved at her elbow changing the fur colour to taupe and this shows off her lower arms, which are bent. The lower legs have also been shaved and show her padded and stitched paws. Her chest and muzzle are caramel and this is also on the inside of her big ears. No mouse would be complete without a tail and she has a lovely long one!

Roulades can be savoury or sweet and the Charlie Bears Roulade is both….. he is savoury,as he is cheese roulade and if you take a look at him, you will see that he is very “sweet!!”

Here is another mouse…… CHIVES….. an ideal partner for ROULADE, as chives are one of the ingredients in a cheese roulade, so they go together perfectly…….

Chives is made from short-pile, blue/grey mohair fur, which is quite sparse and show the yellow backing material, giving a greenish hue. Lighter fur has been used on his muzzle and on the ends of his yellow stitched paws. He has all of the typical mouse features such as a long, tapered muzzle, small pink hand-stitched nose and mouth, tickly whiskers, small dark eyes and a long tail.

Christine, from Preston will be pleased to hear that she will be getting a new arrival soon…..
“I look forward to receiving Roulade, as he looks adorable with his lovely little face. I do have several of the mice that Charlie Bears have done, but most of them are quite small. The boys love them, but they are not as cuddly as the bears. However, they are extremely well made, with such attention to detail and it is that what attracted me to the collection in the first place.”
PRAIRIE has arrived and joins LEA & ORCHARD, so this beautiful trio of rabbits are now complete and they are all in stock now!!

PRAIRIE has light mohair fur, which is sparse in places, enabling the rich golden backing material to show. Her tummy and muzzle are made from luxurious white alpaca fur, which will be lovely to stroke and her small pink hand-stitched nose and mouth and dark eyes, with white underneath give her the cute factor. She has all the typical rabbit features, including long, floppy ears, tickly whiskers and fluffy tail.  She wears a pale pink organza bow, together with a round beaded pendant. What move can you ask for….. she has it all!


Click on their name for the full description

Another cute Minimo has also arrived………


The Minimo Pearl Grey is an adorable mouse, made from the finest grey wool on the head, arms and legs. She has a little pink hand-stitched nose and mouth, dark eyes, light grey paw pads and the little ears have got some airbrushing for definition.

And…. HOT OFF THE PRESS….. her partner JASMINE, is now re-available to pre-order!! …… which will make some of you very happy, as all were pre-ordered and we couldn’t get more…. until now. BUT….. the amount available is limited, so be quick! This may be your last chance to get the pair!


Do you want a bear that stands out from the crowd?
If yes…. then look at BERWIN…. an amazing panda, who is 34″ 86cm in size, so he will certainly be a talking point in any collection.

His eyes have the black panda markings, with white underneath & his hand-stitched nose & mouth are also black. The paw pads are sculpted & stitched & the checked neckerchief finishes him off nicely. The name Berwin means “bright friend” or “blessing” & so this sizeable bear will look great sitting on a chair or bed & it will be a blessing to have such a bright, happy chap in your hug!

There are 2 other bears of the same size, have a look at ALDWYN, who is
IN STOCK NOW and BARRET, who is available to pre-order.
Jean from Cumbria has just received GRANDFATHER OF THE MOUNTAINS, who is in stock now and is very pleased with him and she has also sent us this great photo. She says:-

“Wow he’s a handsome bear thank you so much. Totally brilliant I always know if my husband likes him he’s perfect. I showed him lots of pictures of this bear but he thought this was the one, and he doesn’t do bears. So pleased with him. Thank you so much. Looking forward to the next in this set.”

WELL…. she doesn’t have to wait any longer, as FATHER OF THE FORESThas just arrived…. BUT we only have a couple spare after fulfilling all outstanding pre-orders, so if you miss out this time, then don’t worry, we have more to come, so you can pre-order.

The third bear in the set is LORD OF THE ARCTIC - and as the name suggests, he is a polar bear!!

Available to pre-order now.

And finally….. we have received our last stock of RACHEL

Rachel has an endearing face that will pull on your heart strings. Her amber pupil eyes peep out from the long, shaggy, cream and brown fur, that has a great feathered effect and long guard hairs give a whispy look.  The light colouring of the prominent muzzle make a great contrast and shows off the bold two-tone hand-stitched nose and mouth.  She has great big feet and soft, pale stitched and sculpted paw pads, famously known as “tickly toes!” and she is finished off rather smartly, with a big organza bow.
Emma, from Slough received hers last week and sent us a photo of her, just before she went on her run….

“Arrived already!! But I’m off for my run so I’ve left her in very capable hands!

Thank you so much for such lovely speedy service :-)”

PLEASE NOTE - There won’t be a newsletter tomorrow, as we are still busy dealing with this big delivery.

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