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Corfe Bears Newsletter 18th May 2020


Thank you for sending in all of your lovely emails, photos and bear stories - they are all amazing!

I have been trying my best to reply to each person individually, but I am struggling to keep up with everything, therefore, if you haven’t heard from me after sending anything, then please can I say “THANK YOU” here and I will do my best to feature your comments/photos in a future newsletter. PHEW!!!

On Friday 15th, I was just about to send our newsletter at 4:55pm, which was a later time than usual and we got an email from Janet:-
“Hope everything is okay your end?…. missing your daily email today’

I replied:-
“I had a chuckle when I saw you were wondering where the newsletter was yesterday….. at least I know you must be looking forward to getting them and was feeling disappointed when one hadn’t arrived… I must be doing something right then Ha! Ha!”

Well….. we didn’t send one yesterday, as Stace and I took a few rare hours off in the afternoon and went for a lovely walk, so I ran out of time to finish it.
Here are a few photos from our walk to share with you:-

…………… and

We hope the “DOWN ON THR FARM” tractor is better than this one!!!

David & Jo had their 51st Wedding Anniversary on Friday 15th May and Jo wrote the following email to me, after she had read my daily newsletter, which featured Little Miss Muffet, Incy Wincy Spider & Shenanigans
(Look on our home page to see this if you have missed it - scroll back to the 15th - it’s quite funny!)
“Just loved this story and was still laughing about it (and thinking I must do something about my own cobwebs) when the postman knocked. Have known him for years and he is a good friend! ”Oh hello” said he “could you just take this parcel in for next door?” “Certainly” I replied and took it gingerly! As he walked away, I noticed him and “the man from the shed” winking at each other. Strange I thought! But I am sure you will know what is coming next - I noticed the parcel was addressed to us and what a lovely lovely Anniversary surprise, when my beautiful Shelby, another stowaway, jumped out of the box. I then knew a plan had been hatched by “shed man” and “post man”. Hayley, thank you and the team, as always for these wonderful surprises and you are the only “other woman” that I am pleased about after 51 years of marriage.”

I replied:-

“I am happy to be the “other woman” in your relationship…… I have only been married for 24 years in July, but after this amount of time, I don’t think Stace, my husband will be bothered or jealous…… I think he needs to take a leaf out of David’s book and start romancing me again…… before I really am “the other woman”!!!!”

Does this sound familiar to anyone?……. I am always happy to help and offer advice with any romancing prezzies! Ha! Ha!


Andrew & Elise celebrated a Wedding Anniversary on Friday 15th as well - it was their 1st… so they are only 50 years behind David & Jo!

Stace and I will reach our 24th Anniversary on 27th July… so we are nearly half way…!!!!

Elise says:-
“Thank you for including us in your latest newsletter, it was a lovely surprise, wishing us a happy Anniversary. I was also surprised to receive a new bear to our hug family - the lovely Cotton Candy, who is beautiful and so huggable. As you can see, she has met the boys, who were chilling out after all that hard work around the farm.”
COTTON CANDY is with ALDWYN (big bear), HAWKINS (on right) and BRIMBLE(top middle).


Elise continues:-
“Cotton Candy has also made great friends with Bea, our retired greyhound. Unknown to Andrew and I, the family bought us a surprise present, because we had planned a weekend away for our Anniversary. It came in the beautiful form of Marisa! We would highly recommend this gorgeous bear to any hug family, as she has the most adorable face. Marisa decided to take some notes from Brimble on life at the farm, but as you can see Hawkins has taken her to his little heart and wanted to make her feel welcome. Cotton Candy and Marisa thought they would do some baking for the boys, so we left them to it in the kitchen!! Hope you enjoy the photos.”

For further details of MARISA - CLICK HERE

Helen, from Plymouth has been sending us a lot of photos, some of which have been featured in newsletters already and we still have others waiting patiently to be included.

Therefore, we would now like to introduce you to:-


………. and so here is ‘HELEN’ with her husband ‘MARTIN’!! (Correct spelling is actually Martyn, but it’s close!)

Namesake bears are always very special bears to own, as they bring fond memories of loved ones and it’s great to have a cuddle with them.

Linda, from Birmingham tells us her moving story:-

“I thought you would like to see Bessie and Linda. I bought Bessie for my lovely Mom, Bessie for her 100th birthday in January 2019. Very sadly, she passed away in February 2020, having celebrated her 101st birthday. As my name is Linda, I keep Bessie and Linda bears together, as we have always been very close. My Mom was thrilled with her Bessie bear. She was always so excited when I was ordering another bear. Thank you for all the bears, so wonderfully packaged. It is so nice to speak to such a lovely, helpful family. I love the emails thank you again.”

Thanks for sending these lovely photos to us Linda - your Mum really doesn’t look 100 here and we are glad that you have 2 extra special bears in your hug.

BESSIE bear is now retired, but LINDA is available to pre-order.

She is from 2018 and we only have a couple left, so hurry if you want her!

Noreen, from Bedlington has recently received a new bear from us:-
“Thank you so much, Roman has arrived all tucked up. He is hilarious! Don’t ask me why I just think he has such a fun look to him. Fiona, my daughter, thinks he looks almost like a baboon, while Dave my husband a gorilla! I’m not sure what he is apart from gorgeous & soft & cuddly. Thanks again for speedy delivery.”

This is Roman….. we will leave it to you, to decide who has described him best………? Gorilla or baboon? Ha! Ha!

Noreen, as we are on the topic of namesake bears, you could have your daughter and husband …
(if not got already!)




And finally HOT OFF THE PRESS!!


Is your most wanted bear one of these?……
If yes, be quick, as there is


Isabelle SWIFT is made from a jumble of curly green mohair…. ie. one side is forest green and the other is grass green, so quite a quirky and unusual feature. His head and body are made with long-pile ivory mohair, which makes a great contrast. His muzzle has been airbrushed and shaved to show off his green hand-stitched nose and mouth and appealing eyes, that have white underneath for extra definition. You can tell he is a panda, because he has the typical teardrop markings that all pandas have and these are made with green fur.


Thaw has been hand-made with love from super silky white plush fur. His soft body is floppy and the front paws are weighted, which enables him to lie flat on your lap, so will be the perfect addition for comfort cuddles. His long muzzle has a soft black nose and hand-stitched mouth and claws. The average polar bear has a life-span of 20-30 years, but if Thaw wins your affection, then this is one that can be kept for life!


WOODEND IS NOW ONLY £39.95!!! £11 OFF!! (Was £46)

Woodend is mainly made from a really thick dark brown plush fur, that is really soft to touch and his muzzle and inner ears are mid-brown, which makes a lovely contrast. The dark hand-stitched nose and mouth stand out and his dark appealing eye are asking for a hug. The two-tone stitched paws make a great feature and the delicate crochet ruff round the neck is a lovely accessory.

Alison, from Norfolk has recently received hers and she says:-

“Thank you for your prompt service, sending Woodend to me. Lanson was so pleased to meet his brother.”


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