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Corfe Bears Newsletter 16th May 2020


I am glad you are all loving my daily newsletters - they do seem to be giving you a laugh. The one that I sent you called “SHENANIGANS SAVES THE DAY” seems to be the most popular one so far, judging by all of the comments you have sent.

Gill, from Devon says:-

“Thank you sooo much for all your daily emails. Enjoyed today’s, with Shenanigans saving the day for Miss Muffet - made me laugh.”

Christine, from Preston says:-

“I loved, loved your song/poem about Little Miss Muffet and Incy Wincy and Shenanigans - well done!”

If you have just started getting our emails today, or haven’t seen Shenanigans Saving The Day yet, this is the final photo in my picture/poem story and shows LITTLE MISS MUFFET & SHENANIGANS at the end of a stressful time…. and INCY WINCY SPIDER has been hidden under SHENANIGANS’ hat!!

LITTLE MISS MUFFET & INCY WINCY have been very popular and they are
IN STOCK NOW if you would like them.

Richard, from Coventry said:-

“Just wanted to say, I loved the Shenanigans Saves the Day story :) I love the little spider…. wish they sold him separately :) Thanks for brightening my day!”

My reply…..

“Well……. you could look at it this way……. INCY WINCY SPIDER can be purchased (for £69)…… and you just happen to get a ‘FREE’ LITTLE MISS MUFFET with him!! Note: all spiders purchased from us are coweb free… so no extra cleaning needed!!”

Pete & Jan, from Essex sent this great photo and email:-

“It’s not just Shenanigans that gets into mischief, I just caught Cheeky Chops sliding down the bannister watched by all his friends who were cheering him on. Enjoying your daily emails especially today’s (Shenanigans Saves the Day). Hope everyone at Corfe Bears is keeping well.”

SHENANIGANS has been arriving at lots of different homes this week!
Shirley, from Swindon loves the way Stace packs the bears:-

“Hello Hayley, Jade and Stace, Shenanigans has arrived expertly packed as always, he looked like he was in his own little cot. He has made friends with Kit and Billie , so now I have a Red nosed gang. All three of them look like they are up to mischief, I must hide the biscuits!! Stay safe, big hugs”

You can see what she means by “he looks like he was in his own little cot” in the photo sent to us by Ann in Wiltshire.

“Thanks so much for the safe delivery of Shenanigans who arrived safely one day last week, but I wasn’t allowed to open the box until today, May 13th, as its my Birthday and was a present from my husband. He reminds me of Angus Young from ACDC, who my son was an avid fan of and used to drive me up the wall, playing his music so loudly. As soon as my son saw him, he knew who he was straight away, as did my Daughter. I think I will have to keep an eye on him as he may go walk about.”

We hope you had a great day on the 13th…… I bet ‘ANGUS YOUNG’ SHENANIGANS was singing (or shouting) “Happy Birthday” as you lifted him out of the box! (Hopefully it wasn’t too deafening!)
Cath, from Buckinghamshire has been tempted with a couple of new bears recently:-

“I’m back again! Thank you very much for sending Charlie Year Bear so quickly and so beautifully packaged last week (and choosing a pretty one for me). I have been considering Willamena for a while and trying to persuade myself that I cannot afford any more bears at the moment, but a few customers in Hayley’s emails have received her and said how lovely she is, so I have crumbled! (The emails must be doing their job and getting more people to buy bears.) Keep up the good work and keep smiling!”

So, we sent WILLAMENA and then heard back from Cath:-
“Thank you so much for Willamena who arrived very quickly and beautifully packaged (as always) this morning.  She is absolutely stunning (as another customer said in her email) and even prettier “in the fur”.  I am so glad I gave in and decided to buy her.  Thank you, too, for Charlie Year Bear who arrived last week and is also very beautiful - she was pleased to welcome Willamena as she now has a big sister to play with.  I have quite a few Charlie Bears (mostly from you) and I often feel guilty about how many I own, but reading your cheerful newsletters and hearing from other collectors, some of whom definitely have more than me, makes me feel better!”

So, this is WILLAMENA, who is

WILLAMENA is paired with WILFY and Val, from East Sussex has sent us this great photo, she says:-

“As you can see Hayley, Wilfy has arrived today and couldn’t wait to get out his box.”


Both are also IN STOCK NOW

Here is another WILFY, who has just arrived and his new owner, Susan, from Scotland is very pleased with him:-

“Just want to say that Wilfy arrived safe and well today and I absolutely love him. Thank you so much, once again, for your friendly and excellent service.”

………….. and more happy WILFY owners…………

Anne, from London says:-

“Hi Hayley, Stace and Jade, just to let you know that Wilfy has just arrived here safely. Thank you sooo much, our Lucy will be thrilled with him, he is so beautiful.”

Cathie, from Stonehouse has Wilfy and Willamena:-

“We received the Handsome Wilfy on Saturday, beautifully packed with loving care, as always by the lovely bear Cubs at Corfe Bears. Willamena was so excited when she heard Wilfy had arrived, and she enjoyed the experience of helping me unpack Wilfy. She fell in love the moment she set eyes on him, well so did Wilfy, he is deeply in love.”

Anna, from Essex has received hers, but hasn’t seen him yet………

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for Dennis that arrived early today. Wow oh wow, what a bear! He really is Something very special. Wilfy arrived last week, although as he is a birthday present from my boys I am not allowed to see him yet, I just hope they don’t claim him as theirs! Really looking forward to seeing him soon. Loving the newsletter, it’s become a bear club, spreading the happiness during a difficult time.”

Do you get the feeling that these are very popular bears??

As you can see, they both come very highly recommend and they are

Anna, above has just received DENNIS, who is from 2018 - so he is now quite hard to find. You can see what he looks like in this photo sent to us from Georgina in Wigtownshire, who loves pandas.


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