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Corfe Bears Newsletter 12th May 2020


Here is the story so far…..
Andrew and Elise live on a farm in Scotland. They purchased HAWKINS and they sent me photos of him helping on the farm, which were featured in one of our newsletters and they said they were going to choose another bear to join them. I said his mate BRIMBLE could be a great help too and that we had already trained him…. well…. they thought this was a good idea and as they are really busy, another bear hand (worker) was ordered as well, who arrived just before BRIMBLE…. so read on for the latest news on the farm.
“Andrew and I thought you would like a wee update on life at the farm. Hawkins and Aldwyn were so delighted when Brimble arrived that they decided to have a party to celebrate them all being reunited.”
“The Bears then decided to get down to some work. Clever Aldwyn has learned to ride the  farm Quad bike and decided to take a check on the fields. You will see he is safety conscious wearing his safety helmet. Great friends Hawkins and Brimble decided to try their paws at some gardening. Andrew gave them some plants to pot up. They have done such a good job that one of the hens decided to check out their work! They are having a fab time on the farm. Thank you so much for the safe and speedy delivery of Aldwyn and Brimble and training them up to be such hard workers. Hope you enjoy the pictures and everyone at Corfe Bears stays safe.”
If you need a helping hand at home or with your work, then ALDWYNBRIMBLEand HAWKINS could be the perfect choice…. as you can see above, they come with great references and are multi-skilled, so can turn their paws to anything! Note - stocks are currently low, as willing hard workers can be hard to find, so they are in great demand…. DON’T MISS OUT!!


Aldwyn has a great reference - he is currently working for Beverley as a Team leader, in charge of her hug!
“Aldwyn arrived this morning and he is amazing!!!! When I lifted him out of the box, myself,my husband and daughter all just said “wow!!!’ He is such a big beautiful bear, we all love him. I am sure he will be able to control the hug, although I think he looks like a big softy, so he will sit and watch them being naughty.!!!!!
Thank you all so much, he has really brightened our day and will continue to do so as they all do.”
If you have just started getting our daily newsletters, let me introduce you to SHENANIGANS - our resident little cheeky chappie, who gets up to a lot of mischief…. especially if he is left on his own! We have been following all of his antics and Janet from Bath has sent us an update on her little rascal - she has realised he needs someone to keep an eye on him…..

“Shenanigans was so excited to see that we were mentioned in one of your daily letters. We do enjoy reading them. He really is a scamp and often mislays his hat.! With lots of bear companions to choose from he has been firmly taken in paw by one of the more senior bears and learning about gardening.”
Nina, from Wiltshire is having trouble with her SHENANIGANS.
“Thank you Stacey for sending Shenanigans so beautifully packaged as always.
He is in a mood at the moment, he refuses to keep his hat on. I suspect he is actually showing off to his new companions.
I might have to isolate him for a short while!”
Gillian, from Devon has recently added 2 new additions to her hug:-
“Thank you so much, I have received SHENANIGANS and PILOT PETE today. They are such cute little characters and such adorable additions to my ever growing collection of bears.”

PILOT PETE is trying to see if he can get me to open my birthday box of chocolates (haha).”

“Here is SHENANIGANS trying to help me write this email - he really is a cheeky, loveable little chap.”

Well….. that is what Gillian thinks he is doing…. BUT he is actually having a secret Skype session with Janets Shenanigans in Bath (mentioned earlier doing the gardening!) and now thinking about what he wants to do next…. so he has a word with Gillian…. she says “he tells me he wishes it should stop raining, as he really wants to get out in the garden (up to mischief)”.

will it be chaos outside???

ARE YOU BRAVE?? …. I dare you to buy a SHENANIGANS of your own…..
go on…. you will probably have a great laugh and you can’t put a price on happiness, can you?? Well… actually I can… he is £35!! Ha! Ha! Well worth it!


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