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Corfe Bears News 7th May 2020


Bears come in different styles, colours and sizes and people choose which ones will join their hugs for different reasons. Some remind them of family members, due to their name (or look!!), others match with their decor…. or choose ”just because” you have fallen in love with it. Althea from Hampshire chose “SCRUMMY” for all 3 of the reasons above and here is her very moving story why:-  (Scrummy is the colourful bear in the middle)
“I was quite taken with Scrummy when I first saw him, despite not knowing his name. The thing that grabbed me about him was his colours. You see, the painting above was purchased after my very dear Mum died. The painting is called “Heavens Kiss”. Again, the painting was what we fell in love with, when we discovered what the name was, I ‘had’ to buy it. Now, as you can see, it has many stunning bright colours and the painting did not go with the decor we had but we had a real dilemma trying to decide what colour to paint our bedroom. Finally we came up with grey, so this enabled the painting to really stand out on it’s own and after lots of internet searching, I eventually found some pillows to bring everything in together. When I saw Scrummy, he just had to come home and what made him special was his name.

My beloved Mum sadly suffered a brain injury in 2007 from a brain haemorrhage. After this, she was never the same, but a blessing was she still recognised us, her children. Mum was very child like after the injury, in her own little world, no memory and certainly lost all inhibitions. Having the most amazing sense of humour, she always made us laugh and this is what got us through the following 9 years until she died. As a repeatetive memory test I would ask her questions every visit just so I knew she would never forget she was my special Mum, or Mummy as I called her. She was very cuddly (I cannot tell you how much I miss those cuddles) and all her carers loved her. The best way I could possibly describe her was, just so ‘Scrummy’ and soon became my ‘Scrummy Mummy’. So you see, Scrummy is a very, very special bear. Not just because of his beautiful coat but because he reminds me of a very special person that I was lucky to have in my life ❤


Now, after that very emotional moment, I think we all need a laugh…….

Samantha from West Norfolk will give you a chuckle…….

“Thank you for the newsletters. I really enjoy seeing what all the bears are doing while we are working from home, it makes me wonder what they would be be doing if they had the house to themselves! After seeing Elise and Andrew’s bears working hard on the farm, I was reminded of a time I heard a strange sound coming from upstairs. Just look what I discovered!

Apparently they were trying to play a song from the Jungle Book called Bear Necessities.. Keep up the good work”

My Mum is in very good health and is fit for her age.
She is staying with us for the duration of the virus and is keeping me
topped up with food and drinks while I work….. so THANKS MUM!!

She goes sequence dancing several times a week and is really missing this. We were really pleased to see Samantha’s band of bears above and so I made a special request for them to play a tango for her…. and guess who is her new dancing partner?…YES…our resident little cheeky chappy SHENANIGANS!!

This is my Mum teaching him to dance! She doesn’t look bad for an 85 year old, does she??
(I hope I take after her! Ha! Ha!)

They danced all night and wore themselves out!!


At least he can’t get up to mischief while he is asleep, but I’m sure it won’t be long before he’s up to more SHENANIGANS….. so watch this space.

Susan from Mid Glamorgan loves her little scamp:-

“Just received Shenanigans and he’s lovely, really cheered me up.
Thanks to all for your great service. Take care x”

If you want SHENANIGANS to cheer you up, click on his name for full details…. and you can send us some photos of what he gets up to.


Cathie from Gloucestershire decided to treat herself with her redundancy payment and she chose DAPPER (luckily she started another job soon after).

“Thank you so much for sending my little Dapper he arrived safe and sound this morning and he is soooooo Adorable.

Here is a picture of him.

He is keeping me company on my penultimate day at work.”

If you have fallen in love with DAPPER - WE ONLY HAVE 1 LEFT! ……
and he is reduced as well…. so why not treat yourself too!!!

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