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Corfe Bears Competition to Win £100!

We’re excited to announce our second competition, starting today!  The lucky winner will win £100 to spend on Charlie Bears, Steiff, Kaycee Bears, Artist teddy bears, animals, baby-safe teddies or anything else in our shop or on our website.

To enter the competition you will need to read each of our 12 poetic clues over the next 12 weeks and search through the products on our website to find the answer.  Then, email the answer to us each week - we’ll collect all of your answers and choose the winner in the middle of July.

The email address to send your answers to is corfebears (at) googlemail.com.  Please include your name!

We’ll post each clue on our Corfe Bears page on Facebook - come and ‘like’ us if you haven’t already for regular updates on teddy bear deliveries and new products!  The clues will also be added to this page each week.

Here’s the first clue below.  Good Luck!!

Week One

These bears are regal, they’ve been on TV
I’ll give you a clue and that is “KC”.
One wears a crown and one wears a ring
Such special bears - fit for a king!!

Week Two

I’m in a range of 21 small bears
We are pretty and cute and made of mohair.
With 4 friends in my set, don’t get in a muddle
I sit and I stand and my name is ………?

Week Three

I’m safe from birth, with organic cotton
A cheeky chap, with logo on bottom.
My tail hangs down and I go “Oooh! Oooh!”
I’m a popular animal, found at the zoo.

Week Four

I have something special put into my ear
I’m named after one of the months of the year.
I wear a dress with pretty flowers
Your search for me shouldn’t take you hours.

Week Five

I’m one of the quirkiest guys you could meet,
With a bright pink nose and massive feet.
An old English company created me,
Along with my friend – the lovely “Fifi”

Week Six

We’re bears with a difference and know our own mind,
We’re feisty and fun but not the cute kind.
“Don’t mess with me!!” should give you a clue,
As well as initials, of which there are two.

Week Seven

I’m a country’s emblem – majestic and strong,
I represent freedom and live very long.
I’m found on their coins and on their Great Seal,
There’s no need for food,
‘Cos this one’s not real????

Week Eight

I’m soft and traditional but I’m not a bear,
I wear pretty clothes, with bows in my hair.
I’ll give you two clues to get my name right,
A semi-precious stone and a traffic light.

Week Nine

I’m a mod style coat, so stick with me,
I’m a make of pen, as smart as can be.
I’m a nosey bear, who’ll drive you crazy,
Will you get this one?…..Yes?…. No?….Maybe??

Week 10

The following points will give information,
Rainy day wear and a famous station.
Where I come from rhymes with clue,
My favourite colours are red and blue.

Week 11

A mystical film and a slang country name,
I’m a well known girl, with plenty of fame.
My friend’s a lion, along with some others,
And I sing a tune about many colours.

A message from Hayley

So this is my last and final clue,
We’ll announce the winner in a week or two.
Hope you’ve enjoyed it and had a great time,
Having a laugh at my efforts to rhyme!!!!

and Week 12 - final clue!

I like a cuddle, take a look at my name,
My brown shaggy fur protects from the rain.
Just one of me – no, not even two,
Exclusive to us, made especially for you!

The closing date for all answers is the 31st of August to allow everyone time, especially as many of you may be taking a summer holiday!  The winner will be announced here and on our Facebook page at the beginning of September.  Good Luck everybody!  XX

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