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Oodles from Charlie Bears - In The Fur!

Here’s a cute shot of Oodles sitting in Stace’s chair at our Bearhouse - she looks pleased to be out of the box and relaxing! (more…)

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Steiff Club

Join the Steiff club in 2014 and you get a host of benefits as a special friend of the company.

Annual Club Gift

Each year of your membership you will receive a special and exclusive Steiff Club gift. For 2014 the gift is a fabulous miniature 10cm bear made from bright green mohair, with a unique golden backing. He’s fully jointed and carries the gold-plated Steiff button in ear with an embossed elephant - a special button that commemorates 110 years since the very first buttons in Steiff toys! (more…)

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Charlie Bears Shreddie - In the Fur!

This cute picture of a very relaxed Charlie Bears Shreddie was taken by Stace recently. It’s always nice to see an extra picture of a bear ‘in the fur’! (more…)

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Jayden from Charlie Bears ‘In the Fur’!

We took this picture of Jayden for a customer - who snapped this particular bear up! But we thought it was worth showing another portrait of this fabulous panda. He’s beautifully soft and his colours are a little warmer than they appear in his official photo. (more…)

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Charlie Bears Caleb - ‘In the Fur’

Here’s a lovely picture of Charlie Bears Caleb panda, sent to us by an avid collector, Terri. It shows him with a softer expression than his official portrait and also gives you a good idea of the depth of his lovely plush fur. (more…)

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Charlie Bears Ridley ‘In the Fur’

A lovely picture of Charlie Bears Ridley sent to us by one of our customers. Shows off his cuddly, curly fur and sweet expression!


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Charlie Bears Bearhouse Bears

A bit more information about these brand new and lovely bears that are all named after castles and stately homes in the UK.

Bearhouse Bears are all unjointed, but made with the same love and attention to detail as all of the other Charlie Bears. They have been created as an even more affordable range of bears with personality that you can collect. They are limited in production which mean they’re not numbered, but only 2000 of each will be made. If you know how highly sought after the original 12 Charlie Bears are you will know that these bears are likely to achieve the same status in the future!

We’re also very impressed that they’re suitable for all ages from 18 months and they are machine washable, so they don’t have to sit on a high shelf and miss out on any fun!

It’s hard to tell just how great these bears are from looking at their pictures so here’s a bit more information about their fur and their feel. We don’t have all of them in stock yet, but will add more notes when they arrive.

Buckingham (named after the palace of course!), Peveril (castle in the Peak District) and Harewood (both a stately home and a castle in Leeds)

These bears all have the dangling arms and legs that means they can sit nicely on the edge of a shelf or chair. They have beans in their bottoms and feet for a great swingy feel! They can also be posed with their legs crossed or put their arms around another bear - lots of fun! Harewood’s arms are a tiny bit stiffer than the other two - perhaps because he is a little heavier and his hair a bit thicker.

Comparing Buckingham & Peveril the fur on Peveril is slightly coarser, with a more unique texture. Buckingham is smooth and a little softer.

Beaumaris (castle in North Wales) - another dangling bear, he is similar to Peveril in texture, but his fur is a little softer.

Kensington (palace, royal residence. Currently the temporary London base for William and Kate) - his fur has a felted nap. He has the same dangly arms and legs, a heavy beanie bottom and rather knobbly knees and elbows!

Pembroke (castle in West Wales), Chatsworth (House, stately home in north Derbyshire) and Hampton (Court Palace in London)

These bears have shorter limbs and hold their seated position. They’re definitely not stiffer though - just as cuddly as the dangling bears. Pembroke and Hampton’s fur is soft and smooth, while Chatsworth has a nice curl to it.

Cuddles (not a house as far as we know, but something you should exchange with your bears every day!) - He is a gorgeous chunky panda with a thick neck - he’s most definitely not just a ‘teddy’ bear as he has a very realistic panda shape. Very good for Cuddles, hence his name!

We have received our full allocation of some of these bears already and we’re just disappointed that we won’t be able to get more!

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Christmas 2012 Teddy Bear Delivery

There’s still a little time to order Charlie Bears, Steiff and cuddly animals for delivery in the UK in time for Christmas!

For free delivery - please order by 4pm on Tuesday the 18th of December.

UK next weekday delivery - please order by 4pm on Thursday the 20th of December.

Happy shopping! And a very Happy Christmas!

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Steiff Little Circus Baby Collection

We’re delighted to introduce Steiff’s latest collection for babies! Steiff’s Little Circus range includes cute characters, made from unusual and pretty fabrics, that both babies and parents will really fall in love with.

The materials used to make Steiff Little Circus Baby toys are not confined to the usual Steiff plush. Many of the animals are made solely from 100% cotton, which is certified by the Oeko-Tex 100 standard as safe for babies from newborn. This safety certification guarantees that the materials do not contain chemicals that may be harmful to babies. As we all know, babies’ toys spend lots of time in their mouths so it’s reassuring to know there are no nasties for them to chew on. Steiff’s famous button in ear and yellow label are also safe for babies.

A brand new material that features in this collection is viscose made from bamboo, which can be found in the bath gift set and changing mat set in a 60/40 combination with cotton. This fabric is relatively new and very environmentally friendly. Bamboo grows quickly and in dense plantations; it requires less water than trees and produces 30% more oxygen. Also, growing bamboo does not require chemical fertilisers or pesticides, so the resulting fabric is not only better for the environment, but also safer for adults and children alike. Bamboo fabric is also silky soft and very absorbent - a super-fabric we hope to see more of!

In our Steiff Little Circus range you will meet an elephant, a turtle and teddy bears in both blue and pink. The patterned fabrics are a great look that will complement any nursery. All of the toys and gifts are machine washable, so the toys can be well-loved and washed over and over again.

Our particular favourites include Steiff’s Little Circus Blue Teddy Bear - a lovely bear with a plush tummy and patterned cotton limbs and SUCH a sweet face! We also particularly like the Little Circus Elephant Gift Set which includes a squishy elephant rattle and a soft bib made from bamboo and cotton - the set arrives packed into a smart Steiff suitcase and will make a very special gift for a new baby or parents-to-be. (more…)

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Brand New - Charlie Bears Keyrings!

Charlie Bears keyrings have been the subject of a blog post before now! We posted back in 2010 about the first range of keyring bears which were very popular but unfortunately were discontinued some months later.

Well they’re back! Charlie Bears Bag Buddies are a brand new collection of ten five inch bears, pandas and animals with metal keyring clips. They could be clipped to your handbag, a schoolbag or your keys making them much easier to find! Or, of course, they could just sit on display with your other bears.

Each of the exquisite miniature characters is fully jointed just like the plush and mohair Charlie Bears. Each has it’s own personality which they show off with their accessories - beaded necklaces, ribbons and bells. They all have a strong metal bag clip so there’s no fear of them falling off on your travels.

There’s something for everyone in this new range. In total there are four bears, four pandas, a mouse and a monkey! You can browse the keyrings below, but we must say there is a fantastic selection of long and short-pile plush and gorgeous colours. Amazingly for such tiny creations, they are all hand-made, including their little stitched noses and their accessories.

We think Charlie Bears have surpassed themselves with this collection. There’s a lot of bear detail for a little price! Demand is high so please keep an eye on our Corfe Bears Facebook page for details of deliveries

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