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What A Great Party Day!

What a great day we’ve all had and I trust everyone who joined us feels the same. Please see our Facebook page for more details of our Charlie Bears 11th Birthday party.

After midnight, when the other Parties being held around the world have finished there will be more details on our site of the Anniversary Bear - Until then we don’t wish to ruin the surprise for the many still attending celebrations.

All the best, Stace

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It’s The Charlie Bears Birthday Party Tomorrow!

I know I said yesterday that the star of the party had arrived, well today my stomach is telling me different ……. THE CAKES ARE HERE!!!

A very big thanks to Alexa of Butterfingers in Swanage for working so hard today to ensure we have enough cakes, or at least I hope we have!

Hayley, Lyn & Jade are prepping our shop for the big day and attempting to make enough room for all the anniversary bear boxes, which just leaves me with the strenuous job of sampling and guarding the cakes.

We are all looking forward to a great day celebrating Charlie Bears 11th Birthday and hope to see some of you tomorrow as if not I know what I’ve got for tea!

All the best, Stace

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Charlie Bears 11th Birthday Party

The star attraction has just arrived with us so full steam ahead with the party preparations, to celebrate the 11th Birthday of Charlie Bears. The Anniversary bears identity will be kept secret until this Saturday and even then they will still be hiding shyly in their box! I’m being extra sneaky, as I haven’t even shared the identity with Hayley, Lyn or Jade who are working down in our shop.

We really hope to see you on the day - Saturday 19th November 2016.

Please see the news feed below for details - we’re confident that we have enough bears for everyone who wishes to attend, so please don’t panic if you can’t make the start.

Any spare bears will be available online from Sunday morning (just after midnight), by telephone from 10am Sunday and of course will still be available from our shop if you wish to collect and take a look at the many other Charlie Bears that we have in stock.

As with any Charlie Bear, I’m sure you will not be disappointed!

All the best, Stace

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Charlie Bears 11th Birthday Party

For more information Hayley, Lyn or Jade can be contacted at our shop on 01929 426827 or alternatively kindly email or take a look at our Facebook page. We look forward to seeing some of you on the day - just try and save a cake or two for the guy who they hide away and leave to pack all your bears!

All the best, Stace

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Charlie Bears Added To Our ‘In Stock’ Section

I’ve just added a few bears to our ‘In Stock‘ - Bassett is already with us and Liddy & Linus Lion are arriving from Charlie Bears on Monday (7th Nov).

All the best & have a great weekend, Stace

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Facebook - Poster Of The Month

Congratulations and a very big ‘THANK YOU’ to Pam for making our Facebook page that extra special.

Each month we’ll give a £15 gift voucher to the person that we think has contributed the most. They will be our ‘POSTER OF THE MONTH’.

So who will be our next winner - keep an eye on our posts, make comments, send in photos of your bears, share and it could be YOU!

**You can win this more than once, but not within a 3 month period**

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Charlie Bears Delivery Arrived Today (Fri 28th Oct)

A very big ‘Thanks’ to Charlie Bears for getting the bears to me a day early. I sent this picture of the delivery to our shop, looking for some sympathy but it wasn’t forthcoming!! The reply I got was ‘Doesn’t look much’ - well it was 34 boxes was my response!

From looking down the News posts you will see that some of the bears that arrived today have already sold out but we do have the following available for immediate delivery:-

Scruffy Lump, Sparrow, Ellie (Low Stock Of This Bear)


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Halloween Competition

A little late with this as I’ve been sorting things for the special Charlie Bears arriving with us (News below) but congratulations to the 15 Winners of our Facebook competition. Sorry should say 16, as in our shop we roped in a customer to perform the draw and we felt he deserved a prize also!

Hayley and Jade are really pleased at how many of you kindly took the time to enter - Which leads me to say ‘Please follow us on Facebook and look out for the chance to win next month!’

The news I post here is just snippets of the facts and information you will find on our Facebook page. It would also be great if you shared some of your bear stories & photo’s with us & our many followers.

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Very Exciting Charlie Bears Arriving!!

Some rather special Charlie Bears are arriving with us, on or around Monday 31st October. They are all blasts from the past, think the oldest made his first appearance in the 2010 collection. We have quite limited quantities of all of these bears and I doubt we will have the opportunity to purchase any of these in the future.

Starting from top left and working across and down they are:- Helen, Harley, Scruffy LumpEllie, Sparrow & Shades.

Simply ‘click’ on any of the Bears or their Names for more information.

Filed under: Corfe Bears News, Teddy Bears — corfebears @ 10:15 am

Charlie Bears Delivery Arrived Yesterday

All pre-ordered bears left us Monday so should be with you by Wednesday if not already settled in their new home!

We have just a couple of Valentino available - this bear first showed it’s face back in 2013 so every chance this is the last chance to buy. Valentino is a great looking, chocolate coloured bear and at 20″ and with the price unchanged since launch, this makes him a particularly special bear for the price.

Charlie Calendars are now in stock and can be found in the Charlie Bears In Stock Section or by tapping on the image above - priced at £7.99

Hopkins - The 30″ Bunny Rabbit! (only beaten in size by Easter Bunny). We do have a few of him in stock, but when previously with us, he proved popular and of course we have Christmas fast approaching!

In addition to the above, after pre-orders we have spares of Dickory Mouse, Susan, some Bearhouse Bears and Baby Boutiques. All can be found in the relevant Charlie Bears sections on our site.

Filed under: Corfe Bears News, Teddy Bears — corfebears @ 8:25 pm
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